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Testimonials from Our Corporate Clients

"This course was truly enjoyable and I feel like I walked away with a whole list of additional reading tools previously unknown to me. Reading above the line and the emphasis on never regressing were most helpful to me, although the linear note-taking was a close second. The proof is in the pudding, look at my final word count. I don't doubt when I put these speedreading techniques to use I will be able to read more. Thank you for making this course fun and educational!"
- Matt A.

"This course is the perfect tool for consuming, nay devouring, all of the literature that there was no time to read. Speed goes up, comprehension is great, and the feeling of accomplishment spikes every time another book closes. Speedreading reminds me of a helpful version of SparkNotes that is written and recorded by your own mind in less time than it would take to read the SparkNotes."
- Nathan H.

"I feel as if I have a new perception on the definition of "reading" and will feel more comfortable drawing information from a document without reading every single word. I may do more reading now that I know it's OK to extract main ideas and decide for myself where to slow down and pay attention to minor details. Throughout the course, I felt as if speed-reading helped to better engage my brain as it was challenged to keep up in creating imagery and filling in blanks as more information came through at a high speed."
- Kyle S.

"Excellent. -Improved my confidence as a reader with respect to comprehension, which was my primary goal for taking the class. -Eye exercises are critical--thanks for the eye charts! -The take aways are plentiful, and I recommend ACC-Warren incorporate this course into their future boot camps."
- Marcille N., U.S. Army

"This class is really just the start of changing well worn patters of approaching reading. I wish I had these techniques when I was in college. I will trust the process and keep working at it!!"
- Ken M., U.S. Army

"This was absolutely a great class. I think that Bonnie did a fantastic job! I will definitely do more reading."
- James L., U.S. Army

"Great class gives the foundations of learning speedreading. Learned about various techniques. the ones that stood out most were the "read above the line" and the "recall method." I would take this class again because there is so much to learn. Excellent teacher. Bonnie is a great trainer!!!!"
- Angela J., U.S. Army

"I really enjoyed the class. It has helped me to read faster and comprehend much better. This class needs to be taught in every high school across the country. It would make everyone more productive and a better student. This is without a doubt the best class I have ever taken."
- Kurt F., U.S. Army

"Bonnie, Thank you for unlocking the potential within me! This will be useful in may facts of my life! Highly recommend!!!"
- Kenny W., U.S. Army

"I am very glad that I've taken this course. I will definitely use the techniques that I've learned, especially the "Above the Line" reading technique. I will be able to read more in a shorter amount of time I wish the course would have been longer in length to be able to practice and learn more. Thank you very much!"
- Eric P., U.S. Army

"Very good course. It will help me immensely. this should be a part of annual mandatory training."
- Jeff M., U.S. Army

"The course and instructor were excellent. I recommend a longer course with more drills to give students more experience and confidence with the methods."
- Daniel J., U.S. Army

"It was difficult to understand everything on day one; however, day two it all came together. The longer class may be even more helpful. Go Buckeyes!"
- Jennifer D., U.S. Army

"Great class and instructor."
- Louis B., U.S. Army

"It was very helpful and informative. It gave me a lot of skills to build on and practice. Thank you for offering this to us."
- Laurie Z., seminar student

"I didn't think my speed would improve but it did. Great info."
- Vida W., seminar student

"Trust is huge!"
- Sally R., seminar student

"Great class, great techniques. Wish we had more time to cover all concepts and dig in. But provides a nice preview and opportunity to follow up with Bonnie for a session."
- Daniela O., seminar student

"I enjoy this class. It was fun and informative. I learned things I didn't know."
- Shermarke Y., Per Scholas

"Very informative. The technique learned today will be very useful for the IT course I'm currently taking. Loved it!"
- Randy S., Per Scholas

"It helped me to read anything in a different and faster way. I will definitely practice reading that way for future, and for sure it will help me improve my reading and understanding skills."
- Nahom K., Per Scholas

"I thought it was very effective. From the teaching methods I was able to increase my words per minute by a hundred (words). Also my comprehension level increased as well. I would definitely consider taking an additional course for speed reading."
- Adrian B., Per Scholas

"Honestly, I was a slow reader because I did not like reading, but after the class, I get the love to read because I can now read faster!!"
- Evans A., Per Scholas

"Even though it was a short course, Bonnie provided valuable information--and a lot of material in a short period of time that would be most useful for the class's needs. I would strongly recommend it to ANYONE!"
- Shaw S., Washtenaw County, MI

"I learned more from Bonnie than I learned from the Evelyn Wood book. I have hefty goals of reading 1-2 books a week for a year and am now confident I can breeze/ease through the reading material. I surprised myself with reading nearly 75% faster and increasing my comprehension by 83%! Thanks Bonnie, you were great"
- Darren B., Washtenaw County, MI

"I am confident that my reading speed has improved significantly and have greater courage to speed up, avoid regression, and trust my subconscious memory even more. Thank you for everything! This was most interesting and useful!!"
- George, NASIC

"This was an eye-opening experience. I had expectations of improving my reading speed by 10-25%. Never would I have anticipated a six-fold increase. I have always wanted to read the World's Great Classics. Now I can't use the excuse that I don't have the time."
- Greg M., NASIC

"Excellent course. Will recommend it highly to coworkers and supervisors."
- Tracy H., NASIC

"I thought the class was very effective and interesting. I came into it as a very slow reader and have greatly increased my reading speed and comprehension. Bonnie is a great instructor! She keeps things light and fun and also uses relevant, interesting items for reading practice. I thoroughly enjoyed the class!"
- Janet, NASIC

"Wow! Unbelievable. Your course took me from 197 wpm to 1367 wpm with greater comprehension. I recommend your course to everyone who has to read."
- James D., NASIC

"This class is definitely in my Top 5 of most useful classes of all time. This has completely revolutionized how I think about reading as well as how I read. The class was very enjoyable and Bonnie is awesome! It was never boring and I was excited to participate every day. I will definitely recommend it to other people. (Several of my coworkers already want to sign up!)"
- Nicole

"The overall course was excellent. The instructor made the course interesting and made you want to do your best throughout the course. She knew we could do it before we did."
- Carolyn, NASIC

"The course was great and entertaining! I never would have thought I could increase my reading speed. Thanks."
- John, NASIC

"I greatly enjoyed this course. It is one of the most practically useful courses I've taken at NASIC. Even my "new slow" (above the line reading) is vastly faster than my old speed with no apparent drop in recall. The final read results were amazing: I still can't believe I read nearly FIVE times as fast with a slightly better score! This will greatly help me get through my work reading. Thanks for helping me learn to trust my subconscious!"
- NASIC employee

"I enjoyed the class and look forward to using the skills I have learned. I will encourage others to take this course."
- Curtis H., NASIC

"I think this is a great course. You can see improvement right away. However, I believe with practice I will get much faster."
- Mark, NASIC

"I was skeptical at first because reading has always been a weakness of mine. This course has given me the skills and confidence to take my reading to the next level with patience and practice."
- Ryan S., US Army

"Fantastic course. I especially enjoyed the recall diagram. I was able to discuss in detail an article that I spent less than 10 minutes on. I think all that attended got a tremendous amount out of it. The results don't lie! Thank you."
- Jon R., US Army

"Yes, I will read more and practice daily! Thank you! Great course!"
- Laura M., US Army

"I found this class beneficial by utilizing visual and thinking techniques to improve my speed reading. The practical exercises were key to reinforcing these techniques. I got a lot out of the recall sheets and can see myself applying this concept to my work and education efforts."
- Lita B., US Army

"This was an awesome experience. Wish I received this lesson many years ago. Tech. Reading Procedure. Absolutely."
- Jeramie W., US Army

"The little tips we learned in the brief seminar made such an immediate improvement on my reading that I am excited to take a full weekend course to see the benefits and get more time back by reading faster."
- Rachel L., Synergy National Seminar

"Very well organized class. Class was well taught. I see the layering process, the use of flow reading, and the linear outline process as being used the most."
- Nick K., EWI

"Excellent! Now know how to practice to learn how to go from subvocalizing to visual reading. Love the linear recall. Want more practice at reading paragraphs at a glance."
- Nancy P., EWI

""Congratulations, Bonnie [on your 36th anniversary]. I hope you are still helping others like you did me back in the late 1970s at Lustro Ware.""
- Chuck J., Consultant

"The speedreading course should be taught in grade school; I think it would help our society be more educated. I enjoyed all the techniques, especially the zig zag and two-stop."
- Michelle Padilla, USMC

"Great course! --The practicals are very enabling --The course materials were excellent --Graphic aids and support tools/reading articles very good --Ms. James conducts training at a pace for all to follow --OUTSTANDING!"
- Thomas W., USMC

"The best thing for me was learning that by using your techniques I won't be bored with technical documents anymore."
- Debra W., Cherokee Nation

"I enjoyed the class and think I will be able to help my teenagers do better in school."
- Shannon V., Cherokee Nation

"The course was scary at first, but when I started to get the WIIFMs down it became easier. I think the recall, well everything, will help me as long as I practice. Yes, I will be reading a lot more. Yes, you can."
- Lacey U., Cherokee Nation

"Love the class! I am determined to practice so that I can become a more proficient/efficient speed reader."
- Rhonda T., Cherokee Nation

"I'm so glad that I finally took this course! This is something that should be taught in grade school, high school, and college. Great course!"
- Jamie H., Cherokee Nation

"I learned many valuable techniques that I can apply to my everyday and professional life. Bonnie was very thorough, detailed and did an excellent job of presenting the information."
- Doug. H., Cherokee Nation

"The concepts taught were very helpful and shown--proved to be real. I was at first skeptical, but wanted to check it out for myself. I am so glad I did. It really works!"
- Tammy D., Cherokee Nation

"I truly enjoyed thie course. I will be much better organized at work and in school. This is information I can pass down to friends and family. Bonnie did an outstanding job."
- Abraham S., US Army

"Really enjoyed this course! It has unlocked a door within my mind that prior to this class deterred my love of reading. That is now gone and I look forward to reading and writing more in the future."
- Kyle M., US Army

"--Great techniques --Excellent instructor --Good confidence builder in believing and trusting the techniques taught."
- George D., US Army

"Awesome course! Will greatly enhance reading, prep from briefings, and testing. We should be using this for all future masters and PhD students, especially those about to take GREs. Bonnie is very gifted. Use her again."
- Tom D., US Army

"Very informative and useful course. Thank you. I will use techniques. I have already noticed difference with my reading, comprehension and retention. Recommend for everybody."
- Anna B., US Army

"The scanning method is most important to me, especially during times that I will be researching through vast sources and articles."
- Logan H., USMC

"Definitely a great class that will help out throughout my upcoming course and throughout life. This course will definitely alleviate a lot of stress and will help out a lot as far as time management."
- Esteban C., USMC

"These techniques will help me in both my professional career and my personal education. Forcing myself to do the overview/preview steps will significantly improve my comprehension and overall speed."
- Mark C., USMC

"These techniques will help me in both my professional career and my personal education. Forcing myself to do the overview/preview steps will significantly improve my comprehension and overall speed."
- Mark C., USMC

"The organizational and comprehension tools were very very helpful. The techniques were very helpful and clear to understand. Was very satisfied with the class."
- Dan S., USMC

"Bonnie was a very engaging instructor who made you feel comfortable with the new techniques, awkwardness, and information."
- Amanda N., USMC

"I am getting ready to start my master's degree. This will definitely help me with that. All the handouts were extremely helpful. I loved the group exercises...hated moving seats especially since I like to be up close and can't see well. Other than that, course was great!"
- Amy M., USMC

"I thought this course was excellent. It is going to help me out so much in my classes for my master's and in my job. I would really like for my children to learn the skills now while they are young, so they don't struggle like I did throughout their school and job careers."
- Amanda M., USMC

"I didn't think it was possible to increase my reading speed as much as I have, but the test results speak for themselves. The above-the-line reading technique and the airplane view work remarkably well. I will try to dedicate at least an hour a week to honing my skills."
- Rodney H., USMC

"As analysts, we read a lot! Knowing how to organize material quickly and effectively will increase productivity and leave us more time to take on new tasks and do the other important part of our jobs--personal interaction."
- Kyle F., USMC

"The speed reading course was amazing. It taught me valuable tips and skills that I will continue to practice on for many years to come. Over the line was my favorite technique. Bonnie James was a real motivator. Overall, I love it."
- Desiree S., USMC

"The class was amazing and so was Bonnie. If I'm needed as a reference, feel free to call me. You increased my speed by over 8 times, So I write this review with 8 cool rhymes. At first I was scared and a tad anxious, But now I'm reading with an attitude voracious. My comprehension went from 80 to 95, As cool as a turkey that isn't jive. I read like a fool; now I'm reading real cool. I'll continue to read fast, down to the very last. This class was sweeet, really quite neat. If I ever reach fame, I'll have to thank Bonnie James."
- Cameron L., USMC

"The reading-above-the-line technique is and will be the most helpful in my opinion. I use to get stuck on words when reading. I would focus too much on a particular word. But with the over-the-line-technique I don't second think myself on a word. Thank you. I appreciate the class."
- Rogelio L., USMC

"The speed reading course is really awesome. It definitely helps if you're into a job that involves a lot of reading, writing, and planning. The airplane and above-the-line techniques really helped out the most. Will definitely come in handy in the future. Thanks, Bonnie!!!"
- Michael L., USMC

"I enjoyed the progress I made and am excited to apply this info to my profession. Thanks for making life easier."
- Andrew G., USMC

"I honestly came into the class very skeptical of the idea. I was a little frustrated witht he reading times. However, once I realized that my comprehension was going up, I became more receptive to the idea. I plan on using these techniques throughout the rest of my career and will take more of an interest in reading."
- Brian W., Marine Sgt., USMC

"The speedreading course is a valuable technique regardless of what occupation you are in. The "read above the line" and "trusting myself" helped me with decreasing my habit to regress. Due to speed reading techniques I will be able to read more."
- Andrew L., USMC

"Amazing techniques that actually increased my comprehension/recollection. The two-point traverse technique will probably help me the most with the large amount of emails."
- Byron H., Marine Sgt., USMC

"I was initially skeptical of the course and the methods taught. After seeing a 635% increase in my capabilities, both speed and comprehension, I will be recommending this course to all intelligence marines."
- Michael B., Marine Sgt., USMC

"The teacher Bonnie James is one of the few who strive for perfection and it reflects in her teaching methods. Truly a professional!"
- John M., USMC

"I learned to let go of regression and use the "flowing technique," which were the two most beneficial lessons for me. I also believe the recall tools will help me organize my thoughts."
- Andrew G., USMC

"Since being the director of a career- level intelligence school, I have been through numerous iterations of [speed] reading classes. This class was the most efficient course to date relating to technical material. The airplane technique and peripheral reading will be the most usefall portions of this course, since the majority of our material is digital and will be read on a computer."
- GySgt Wittenborn

"I had a very good experience at Stanford last summer and was only able to get through all the material thanks to the speed reading. It was money and time well spent for me. The program at Stanford has helped me in my current business. "
- Geoff A. Hunziker, President of eFlow LLC

"Great course - more than speed reading, it's a way to organize information that is quick and improves comprehension. This course will enable me to read significantly more and free up time for other things."
- Todd C., AFIT

"Awesome class; learned more than I thought I would. The layering technique and zigzag (along with recalls) have helped me the most. I am looking forward to clearing the pile of journals, magazines and books that have accumulated on the table and bookcase. Thanks so much for coming to Phoenix!"
- L. Duvall, Receiving Manager, Honeywell

"I thought this class would help me get through the volume of reading I have for work quicker and more efficiently. I believe this now to be true. My expectations were met and I intend to practice and become more proficient. It was well worth it! The instructor was excellent. She kept all of us moving forward and at the same time allowed us to set our own pace. I would recommend that ALL management level staff take this course!"
- Don F., Manager, OCLC

"I felt it was an excellent course. The instructor did a great job. I have always been a slow reader, and it is exciting for me to know that I have the ability to read at a much faster rate (5 x's) without losing any comprehension."
- David W., AFRL

"The first day was very frustrating for me personally. Bonnie kept me encouraged to not give up. Day two was very encouraging and exciting. I began to retain and am very excited to continue practicing. Bonnie was perfect."
- L. Bergeron, Program, Pinal County Government Manager

"The teaching technique and style was very fresh and kept everyone involved and motivated. [The course is] geared to adults. Gave reasons for each technique, etc. It was a well-organized adventure."
- David R., Senior Associate Systems Coordinator, Chemical Abstracts Services

"I learned a lot from this course. I can see immediate applications for the overview, preview, read, re-read techniquesóthe whole layering process. I cannot wait to tackle some of the reading I have been putting aside. I know the information I learned in this course will greatly assist me in my personal and professional life."
- Linda N., Owner, State Farm Insurance

"I liked the techniques, and will probably use the Above the Line, and preview and recall techniques. Overall this course exceeded my expectations."
- J. Myers; IT Manager, CVS/Caremark

"This speed reading course is not only going to help me in my graduate program but it will also make me much more efficient at my job. I now have the ability to read faster and, more importantly for me, get the most valuable information from what I read! I know how to organize information in the most useful and time saving way and I am very happy I attended this course."
- M. Blair, Management, WPAFRL Analyst

"This was one of the most rewarding courses that I have ever taken. I will be able to use this to improve the rest of my life. I am thrilled and proud of myself for being able to make such an accomplishment in such a short time."
- C. Vincenty, Training Officer, Ohio Dept of Public Safety

"Thank you for allowing me to attend the Advanced Reading Concepts class. Its success was far beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend this class for others who have not had reading training or who know that they need to improve their reading skills."
- William T., American Electric Power

"The class was well-organized and the material was well-explained. Bonnie was great in keeping things light to allow the comfort level to remain through the entire class. So many different techniques have improved my ability to comprehend more. I would like to thank Bonnie personally. She was wonderful as a person and as an instructor. Kudos!"
- Lisa R., Trainer, NewPros Data

"This course was really valuable to me--I wish I had learned the techniques earlier. It was a real confidence-builder to increase speed AND comprehension and help get rid of old bad habits. This is a study skills course as well as a speedreading course. Great class. Iíll recommend it highly."
- Gary G., System Coordinator, Chemical Abstracts Services

"An important course done very well. Excellent learning tools. The note taking is the most logical one Iíve run across. Iíll use the zigzag to help with speed and eye strain. Bonnie clearly loves what she does."
- Lyle C., US Air Force

"For the first time in many years, Iíve actually looked at a magazine or a stack of articles and noticed that I want to read them! Itís no longer an arduous chore, but a joy to be on the quest for knowledge. Thanks again for what youíve done for me and for my team. Youíve made a memorable contribution to our personal and professional growth."
- Jill T., Global Logistics Engineering Manager, Lucent Technologies

"I enjoyed the course very much. Thank you."
- D. Felber, IT Project Manager, Coventry Healthcare

"Was able to read faster. Good course. Good Instructor. I will be able to use these skills everyday."
- Nirodh J., Nationwide

"Excellent class that will help with all reading....First thing I plan to do is read a book this weekend--something I haven't done in years!"
- Celeste C., Nationwide

"I have had previous speed reading courses but this one was the most comprehensive and productive. The approach produced new techniques not covered in other classes. I know I will benefit greatly by being more efficient in reading and be able to accomplish more in the time I have available."
- R. Helt, Chief IT Officer, Wright Patterson AFRL

"The best technique for me is learning how to quickly and efficiently study detailed documents or things I least like to read without missing something important. It will leave me more time to read what I enjoy."
- Karen D., President, Real Estate Services, New Mexico

"The course was excellent, educationally and developmentally! The content and exercises made a huge difference in my reading rate and comprehension."
- D. Bionci; Investigator and Trooper, Ohio Dept. of Public Safety

"Being dyslexic, this course has helped me considerably. This makes an effective means for comprehension, and reading material in a timely fashion!"
- T. Allen, Program Manager, Air Force Research Lab, WPAFB

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