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< Back to TestimonialsMiddle school students and high school students learn to speed read for college readiness.

Testimonials from Our Middle School, High School, and College Students

"When I first came to this class my reading rate was really low. When Bonnie first said I could read up to 3000 words per minute, I didn't believe her! Now my WPM is well over 3000. Thank you, Bonnie and Tori! This skill is going to help me so much in my future."
- K.L., Dublin Jerome High School

"I thought this class was very helpful. I was able to increase WPM and comprehension at the same time, which will be very beneficial. I believe this class will help me on the ACT and in college with reading skills.I will keep practicing to keep up my skills to get work done quicker and more efficiently."
- L.N., Dublin Coffman High School

"Before this course, I was thinking that this would be one of the average courses with a boring teacher where I would be "learning" things that I already knew. I was completely wrong. I bet this will be the most useful speedreading course I will ever take. Every single tip I have learned in this course will be used in my life from reading above the line to using these recall patters. Thank you so much! This is a very good course. Keep it up!"
- S.A.

"This speedreading course has helped me improve my reading tremendously. I started this course thinking that if I wanted good comprehension I would have to read very slow and say each word in my head. But now I know that I was completely wrong! I will definitely continue using my new skills along with the recall patterns when studying for tests. Thank you for helping me improve my reading!"
- K.B., Phoenix Middle School

"I took a class with Advanced Reading Concepts to help me prepare for the Ohio Bar Exam, which requires a lot of detailed timed reading and writing. Bonnie gave me some great tips on increasing my reading speed without sacrificing comprehension. I plan to have my children take classes through ARC when it comes time for them to prepare for the ACT/SAT. Bonnie also teaches outlining and essay writing skills that would benefit any student. Highly recommend!"
- Angela O

"This course was great. Once I learned even the above the line technique, my speed on casual-at-home reads increased, but I wasn't missing any content. The zig zag and recall patterns will really help me charge through difficult school reading in a good amount of time. Even after the first night, I felt myself wanting to open up a new book just to see how much I could get done in so little time. I'm so glad I decided to take this class!"
- Abby S, Hilliard Davidson HS

"Taking this class has opened my eyes to a new way of reading and trusting my subconscious. I will definitely use this skill more often. The zig-zag technique will be most useful to me when reading all my long texts in college."
- Connor S.

"I enjoyed the class and I feel it really helped me. I will use the skills like above the line and the traverse at school in the fall to get through textbooks faster. I will read a few more books before the summer ends and I will use my skills from this class in the process."
- JJ, Miami University

"To be honest I was a little nervous to start this course, but in the end, it really paid off for me. My WPM have increased so much and I will continue to use the above the line technique and so much more. These techniques will save me time doing school work! Thank you!"
- Elizabeth S, Upper Arlington HS

"I liked the speedreading course because now I can read more efficiently, and I think that will help me academically. Mrs. Bonnie makes learning fun, and I usually get bored. One thing I learned here is to trust yourself, that was motivation to help me."
- Johnathan H, St. Mary

"This course was pretty helpful. I am much better at reading faster now and a better note taker with all the various techniques that you have provided us with. I will remember all the short cuts that you have taught us. Thank you so much Bonnie!"
- Rhea T, Worthington Kilbourne HS

"I felt that this course really helped me read a lot faster and will improve my test taking ability. The above the line hint will really help me when I want to read fast but still be able to enjoy the content. I am now able to do my homework quicker and even can cram it at times. Thank you!"
- Derek H, Dublin Jerome HS

"I think this course was very helpful. I came in as a hostage and ended up learning many new things. I thought all of the tips/tricks were useful and I will be able to read much more efficiently"
- Jerry W, Dublin Karrer MS

"This course was very helpful! I especially like the linear and radial recall patterns; organizing is not something I thought about while entering the course. I will keep on practicing with the tools I've learned"
- AK, Dublin Jerome HS

"I really enjoyed this class a lot! It helped me learn a lot about techniques that should be used and helped me trust my subconscious. One thing I think I will always start doing from now on are recall patterns. They actually help a lot and are good reference for what you've read."
- A.A., Grandview HS

"I will definitely be able to do more reading now. I really like the survey step so that I can get information about the book and the author without doing any research. I also like how much faster you can read by just reading above the line."
- Sophie L., UAHS

"Thank you so much for helping me with this class! The flowing technique and zig-zag really helped me and I will definitely be able to do more reading from now on. I will not be as stressed with competing my reading assignments for school and it will help me get better grades. Aso, I am glad I took the class to help me take standardized tests quicker and still have my comprehension up! Thank you so much!"
- Anna B., Olentangy Liberty HS

"This class was helpful and eye-opening. I learned a lot and can read faster without even intending to."
- Anna L., Dublin Jerome HS

"Thank you so much for your help! I was never too confident in myself in comprehension, as well as just reading in general. With you as my teacher, making it fun and interesting was a daily task for you, and I applaud you for doing that. I am now confident, and have passed my goal by roughly 2,000 words per minute! I loved your class and stay inspiring Bonnie!"
- Sriram R., Dublin Coffman HS

"Dear Ms Bonnie James, I think this was one of the most helpful courses I have ever taken. I will be able to read so many more books now. I liked all the activities that kept us active. Thank you!"
- Student, Dublin Coffman HS

"I thought this class was very helpful! It taught me so much! All these things I will take and use for school, college, and work! I also thought it was a good way to meet new people. Thank you so much for everything!"
- Callie S., Genoa MS

"I believe that this class will help me manage my time better. I hope to use the techniques such as the above the line and two point. I hope that my comprehension increases with skills taught for tests."
- Armelle D., OSU

"I am reading a lot faster thanks to this class. I can read a lot more now so I will be able to reach due dates and be done with my reports early."
- Jacob B., New Albany MS

"I think that this class was a big help to me. I learned how to read faster but still score 100% on my comprehension. Yes, I will be able to do more reading. Thank you so much!"
- Saniya S., John Sells MS

"I will be able to read faster and more efficiently saving time for other things. I won't regress and will be able to improve standardized test scores/hs test scores and do my homework faster. The ways to read a textbook will be very helpful to save time."
- Soumya S., New Albany HS

"Throughout this course I feel like I learned a lot. I only thought my reading rate would double, triple at best. I didn't expect it to go up 5 times!"
- Sudeep G., New Albany HS

"I thought that the class helped me improve my reading skills and comprehension. I liked the combination of tips and note-skills. Ultimately, I learned to read quickly and also comprehend well."
- Rahul C., New Albany HS

"I really enjoyed the course because it helped me get past my normal habits and definition of reading. The techniques that really helped me were previewing material before reading it and learning to take notes for different types of passages. I will definitely be able to do more reading now that it won't be so time-consuming."
- Joy B., Granville Christian Academy

"I didn't know if I really wanted to come at first. But soon I realized how helpful it could really be. Now I read faster with better comprehension. This class will help me a ton!"
- Jonathan B., Granville Christian Academy

"I will definitely be able to read more. I really liked seeing the different reading and study approaches. Very useful!"
- Spencer S., Wellington

"I think that this class will be very helpful to me in the future, and I think that my reading skills and efficiency have improved greatly."
- Ana R., Olentangy Orange HS

"I enjoyed this class because I learned some very valuable techniques in this class that will help me in the future."
- Jake L., Upper Arlington HS

"I loved this course. I think it was one of the most helpful things and I'm so glad I did it. I've already recommended 2 people."
- Paige K., Upper Arlington HS

"I think this is a great class and has helped my reading skills greatly. the different techniques helped me raise my wpm and comprehension a huge amount."
- Peter C., Upper Arlington HS

"I really thought speed reading improved my reading and it taught me future uses. I am glad I took this course. Thank you Mrs. James."
- Anvita D.,

"Speed reading helped me a LOT. I didn't exactly like it in the beginning because I was reluctant to come, but I soon began to enjoy it. It was amazing to see my wpm go higher and higher!"
- Joy K., Jones Middle School

"I loved this course!! The classes aren't long, and Bonnie is just great! The above the line and note taking skills have helped me a lot already. I am going to be able to read books and write essays a lot faster. I am definitely going to be able to read a lot faster now that I have some great skills and techniques to use."
- Emma W., Olentangy Liberty HS

"It was fun, great, and tremendously helpful! I really liked it, and my reading skills grew. I would definitely recommend this class."
- Peter S., Dublin Jerome HS

"I had taken an introductory course, previous to this lesson, and decided to take this course because I was amazed by the progress that I had made in a day and wanted to see what I could accomplish in a week. I was able to dramatically increase my reading speed and increase my comprehension. I would recommend this class to any one who wants to get better at reading faster and more efficiently."
- David F., Dublin Jerome HS

"I really enjoyed this course, and it will definitely help me in the future. The different recall patterns we learned are so helpful, and I can't wait to utilize them during this upcoming school year. I am amazed at the increase in my wpm and comprehension. I improved by around 6 times and can't thank you enough for it. Thanks so much Bonnie!"
- Muskaan B., Dublin Jerome HS

"If I wouldn't have taken this class, I would have struggled with reading the rest of my career."
- Megan L, Miami East High School

"I believe the majority of the techniques will help me out. I really enjoyed this class and instructor. I am feeling more confident doing my school tests, quizzes, etc. knowing what I learned this past weekend. You could use me as a reference if you would like."
- Maddie W., Amanda Clearcreek High School

"I thought this course was really cool because I increased my reading speed a ton!"
- Julia M., Jerome High School

"This course was very beneficial to me. Will help a lot in college. I will practice to improve my speed. The study tips are very helpful as well."
- Sam H., Baldwin Wallace University

"This class was very helpful. I feel more confident for going into high school. I will be able to get more work done. School will be easier. I am able to work more efficiently in class and at home. Thank you!!"
- Allyssa S., Coffman High School

"The airplane or above the line helped me the most, and I can read 25 times faster. How is that possible??!"
- Isabel R., Upper Arlington High School

"This speed reading class is phenomenal. I never knew I had this type of potential in me. Bonnie is an amazing teacher, and she will guide you along this amazing journey."
- Brooke P., New Albany High School

"When I signed up for this course my expectations were very low, but on the very first day I knew this class was going to benefit me extremely. With all the work that Bonnie put into this class, it's no surprise that it was so beneficial, and I strongly believe that the skills I learned in this class will stay with me for the rest of my life. This class was a great experience, and I am so glad I signed up."
- Kevin H., Granville High School

"Thank you so much! I can't wait to use this in school and life; it already has helped so much and makes me enjoy reading much more. Thank you again."
- Skylar S., Westerville Central High School

"I was very skeptical of this class at first, but by the end of the first day I was very excited to learn and grow. This class taught me so much more than I ever expected, and I know this opportunity will help me so much in the future. Thank you so much!"
- Sara N., Upper Arlington High School

"This course helped me a ton! I think it will come in handy later in life! Thank you."
- Will B., Hastings Middle School

"I found the course to be educational, informative, and fun. I will certainly use the recall methods whenever possible. I will read as much as possible now."
- Noh M., Kettering University

"This was a great speedreading course! I was very doubtful that my words per minute would increase in such a short time period, but as I did the course evaluations, I could see I was definitely improving! the zigzag and above the line rule helped me the most. I definitely will be able to read more. This will definitely help me on the ACT!"
- Rachel M., Dublin Jerome High School

"I think this course has helped me. I will be able to take notes faster now and be able to complete homework much faster. (Same with studying for tests.)"
- Meghana M., The Wellington School

"This course helped me tremendously! I never thought I would be able to read 3,041 words per minute and increase my comprehension! this is a great class."
- Bridget F., Bishop Watterson High School

"This course has improved my speed and comprehension 1200%. It allows me to feel more confident in my reading abilities as well as my note taking. Bonnie is da Bomb."
- Jon F., Grandview Heights High School

"It is a class that will help me a lot in the future."
- Arjun D., Karrer Middle School

"Going into the class I was a little skeptical, but once the class began I realized that I was capable of much more than I though I was. I now can read with ease and know how to better improve my studying and test-taking habits. My results show how successful the class is and I strongly encourage others to take it especially if a person is in high school."
- Ellie K., Bishop Watterson High School

"This was very helpful, and it helped me to read faster than I thought humanly possible. I am so very grateful for this lesson, and I know it will help me through all of life."
- Adam W., Dublin Jerome HS

"I really enjoyed the class. at first I thought it would be just about reading. However, I also learned techniques for studying. My reading score improved so much, and I can't wait to use my new skills at school!"
- Sarah A., Columbus School for Girls

"I was hesitant at first, but I am now more confident in the valuable skills I have gained from this class. I will use the note-taking skills and traverse techniques often during school. I will be a more efficient reader, allowing me time to get involved in more volunteer work and university activities."
- Sydney R., Wittenberg University

"This course was extremely helpful. All of the techniques that I learned will help me in school, especially with complex assignments. I have been reading a LOT since I started, but now that I am able to read more in shorter amounts of time, I will have free space in my schedule to read even more and expand my knowledge and imagination."
- Meghan R., Upper Arlington HS

"I really improved my reading speed by a lot. I was really skeptical at first, but the little tips and tricks let me know what my true potential as a speed reader is. If you were a hostage like me, don't worry. It works and you'll be able to save time and catch up for the 15 hours of summer you missed this week."
- Wes M., Upper Arlington HS

"This course was very fun, interesting, and helpful. I will use the techniques I learned to get my homework done faster and to read novels quicker. I feel that reading will be less stressful in the future."
- Mark G., Bishop Watterson HS

"The course I have completed will definitely aid me in my standardized tests, reading in school, and also novels for my own pleasure. The above-the-line and the 2-step methods would most greatly improve my speed reading."
- Ishan D., Dublin Jerome HS

"I really did like the course and how it was taught. I came in very skeptical, and even though the first two sessions I had my doubts. I was a very slow and methodical reader, trying to look at every word as to not miss anything. This class showed that I really won't miss anything if I just glance at the page. And the above-the-line technique is another way to read faster while looking at almost every word."
- Mason F., Bishop Watterson HS

"This course truly helped me in upping my speed. I am taking harder classes this year, so I know these tactics will come in handy this school year and further along in college and even in the professional life."
- Nick B., Bishop Watterson HS

"The techniques that helped me were the above the line and the zigzag. I will read a lot faster now and whenever my sister competes with me I will be able to beat her and say I learned to read fast thanks to my speed reading class (with a beaming smile). Now I will finish my homework a lot faster and still have time for other things!"
- Ilayda S., Westerville Genoa MS

"I think this speed reading class was VERY helpful. I liked it a lot! The technique that will help me the most is the linear recall. I will be able to do much more reading now. Thank you!"
- Lenae K., Westerville Genoa MS

"This course really improved my reading speed as well as my comprehension and confidence. At the beginning, I was skeptical of the idea of reading without reading every word, but this class helped me develop the skills to achieve that with great results. The most helpful tool to me is the above-the-line technique and the linear recall patterns. Using these skills, I can decrease the amount of time spent on homework and have the opportunity to read books for pleasure rather than homework during the school year."
- Anne G., Upper Arlington HS

"This course really helped my reading ability. My comprehension increased 36%, which amazed me. I never enjoyed reading, but I think I will read more often now."
- Matt B., Dublin Jerome HS

"This course was very helpful. I really enjoyed the above-the-line technique because it helped me not get stuck while reading the sentence. Bonnie made it fun and enjoyable because of all her stories and examples. The food breaks were nice and allowed my mind to refocus. The zigzag technique also helped a lot. I will definitely be able to read faster now and be able to take better notes."
- Anna E., Upper Arlington HS

"I really enjoyed it. I really saw a big improvement. I'm glad I took these four days to triple my WPM."
- Chris R., Westerville North HS

"The speed reading course included a plethora of useful techniques, including methods for studying and for interpreting and comprehending novels and literature. I feel that after only a week with this courses I learned techniques that will prove helpful for the rest of my education and even my career beyond."
- Trent P., Upper Arlington HS

"I really liked the class. It was very helpful with good tips and showed improvement. It was funny, and I'm really glad I got to take it. It'll definitely help, and I will recommend it to my friends."
- Alexandra K., Canal Winchester HS

"This course was helpful in figuring out how to zoom through reading content and retain the information. I'll be able to be much more efficient on my tests and assigned readings."
- Jake K., Upper Arlington HS

"This class actually helped a lot. Using the above the line really really helped. Taking notes would hopefully help me through high school and college."
- William G., Upper Arlington HS

"This was a great and very informational course! I am happy I decided to take it! I will tell people about this class because it was very beneficial to me!! I will definitely be using the airplane vision a lot, and I will read more and be able to enjoy it more!"
- Kerry F., Upper Arlington HS

"To be honest when I walked in on the first day, I thought this was going to be one of those classes where we would sit for hours listening to lectures on how to read. I didn't think we would be doing this many drills! I really have learned a lot just within this week. I have to do summer reading for my upcoming literature class, and I am planning on using the technical reading skills. I hope to keep my skills up, and I am glad I took this course, even though I didn't get to sleep in."
- Arisa S., Hilliard Davidson HS

"This course helped a ton.I was skeptical at first because I was not confident in myself that I could do it, but this class really pushed and motivated me, and taught me to trust myself."
- Aleeya O., The Ohio State University

"I think the technique that helped me the most is the zig-zag technique. I was able to see the page easy. I think I will be able to do more reading now! I think I will understand more of the book, too."
- Irina M., Dublin Jerome HS

"At first I didn't want to have anything to do with this class. But towards the end of the week, I really started to enjoy coming to the class. I met a great group of people, even though most were older than me. The 2-stop will probably help me the most. I feel this class will help me a lot more with my textbooks and assigned readings. I will still have to work on my comprehension, but other than that this class will help me a lot. Thanks Bonnie. Have a great summer!"
- Elizabeth H., Dublin Scioto HS

"I liked it a lot. It was tough at times, but it made me read better and faster. My favorite techniques are the zigzag, two stop, and above-the-line."
- Chase G., Otterbein University

"I really enjoyed this speedreading course, and I will use the techniques I learned in this class all the time. This class truly made me a better reader, and I enjoy reading a lot more now."
- Riya B., Dublin Jerome HS

"This course was the greatest help to my school career. It helped me immensely by giving me amazing tips such as the airplane view and zig-zag and above the line for greatly improving my reading speed and the charts to help my comprehension the most and greatly improving my scores. Also, great paper writing tips for a better future. But, most of all to trust and believe in myself."
- Carrick R., St. Charles Preparatory School

"I really enjoyed the speed reading class; it helped me become a faster reader. Above the line and zigzag helped me. I think I will be able to read more now because I am faster at it now. Yes, I would be willing to be used as a reference."
- Ava W., Dublin Jerome HS

"I really feel confident about my speed reading. I basically maintained comprehension and can read about 5 times faster. I thought it wouldn't be possible, but it is. The instructors are great teachers, understanding and really focus on your needs. Thank you Bonnie and Angela."
- Christiana S., Dublin Grizzell MS

"I think this will be very useful when doing reading assignments and passages on standardized tests to pick out the information needed. The above the line and two-stop techniques are my favorite and helped me increase my reading speed and comprehension."
- Sarah H., Dublin Jerome HS

"I honestly believe that the class will help me in the future. I am more confident in myself now and I'm excited to use the techniques I learned in this upcoming school year. I feel I will do more now since I can get through it faster."
- Megan G., Pickerington North HS

"My two favorite techniques would be above the line and the two-stop traverse technique. Both techniques greatly increased my speed while reading while also increasing my comprehension. Hopefully, I will be able to read more as I now can read more efficiently."
- Jenna B., Worthington Kilbourne HS

"This course has helped me out a lot. I have dyslexia and comprehending is really hard for me, but with the different techniques I truly see what it means to understand a story. For sure a class that gave me techniques to use for the rest of my life."
- John S., Dublin Coffman HS

"Well, my opinion of speedreading is that I like it."
- Amber W., Bridgetown MS

"I liked the course. I had fun and I can't wait to use it during school!!"
- Torri K., Delhi MS

"I attended this course because I wanted to be able to get my summer reading done and read what I wanted to read. I have improved so much since then. I will continue to work on my reading skills."
- Peter S., American Boychoir School

"Since I took speedreading, I'm going to do well in English and get an A+!"
- Matthew C., Hilliard Weaver MS

"I don't believe this course needs anything else. It is perfect the way it is. I will never forget "the couch," and it is a great example."
- Lorenzo B., Dublin Jerome HS

"This class was a life saver. I've always loved reading, but I've always been so slow, and that was getting in my way. I wasn't too sure about this course when my mom signed me up, but now I am just so thrilled to go out and read so many new books."
- Andi R., Upper Arlington HS

"This has been and probably will be the most important and valuable course I will ever take. The time I will have now to do other things will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for allowimg me to trust myself and liberate myself from my "old ways.""
- Corey H., Upper Arlington HS

"The course was really fun and I plan on using it in school. Now Social Studies and Language Arts are going to fear ME. Take that Ancient Peoples!!"
- Marysville HS freshman

"I think this will be very helpful when doing reading assignments and passages on standardized tests to pick out the information needed. The above-the-line and two-stop techniques are my favorite and helped me increase my reading speed and comprehension. The multiple-practice passage also helped in pushing my reading speed."
- Sarah H., Dublin Jerome HS

"I honestly believe that this class will help me in the future. I am more confident in myself now and I'm excited to use the techniques I learned in this upcoming school year. I feel I will do more now since I can get through it faster."
- Megan G., Pickerington North HS

"This class was fun and improved my reading speed almost nine times. This will help me greatly on future tests, including SAT and ACT."
- Jeremy V., Dublin Jerome HS

"This has been the best learning course ever. The outcome far exceeds the time and money invested. Every aspect of this course will help me out greatly for my life-time learning. Iíll definitely do more reading now because I know ďhow to readĒ depending on the subject and material. Bonnie, I donít know how you can even improve the course. Youíre flexible, you know when to modify your plan according to the class needs and even de if fun and interesting. My only wish is that the schools would teach a course like this early in the leaning career of student when appropriate."
- Young-Mi P.

"I can honestly say that this is the best course and decision I have ever made. I feel so confident about my reading skills now. It is unbelievable how I can improve this much . I think itís great how I can now read and comprehend books so fast that I donít have time to think about anything else I will use this everyday , now and forever! This is how important reading is to everyone."
- Ryan P., Westerville North HS

"I think this course will be a big help once school starts. I need to read a lot for my classes and I used to not get any sleep Ė now I will!"
- Maria G., Upper Arlington HS

"I think I have benefited greatly form this class. I think the techniques on how to read novels quicker will help me the most, but all information will be useful. I will be able to read faster and keep from getting bored."
- Greg H., Canal Winchester HS

"At first I didnít like it because it was hard for me to change my reading habits. I really enjoyed it. Iíve read 7 books in one week (including school.) Thanks for helping me read faster--I had a blast!"
- Jasmine S., New Albany HS

"Although at times this concept seemed impossible, I ended up increasing my speed an incredible amount while keeping my comprehension the same. The note taking techniques were extremely helpful as well as the hints about how to become the best reader I can be."
- Kim Van C., Upper Arlington HS

"At first I was unsure of this class, but now I see why my mom made me take it."
- Megan L., Worthington Kilbourne

"Through this courses, I got practice with reading comprehension. But more importantly, I learned new ways for note taking and some reading techniques that help me read faster and use my time more efficiently."
- Lindsey P., Upper Arlington HS

"I felt the speed reading courses helped me a lot. This will help me tremendously in my school work and in anything else."
- Evan P., Upper Arlington HS

"It was fun and I learned a lot. You can read a lot faster at the end. It seems impossible at the beginning, but everybody can do it."
- Andy E., Columbus Academy

"I think this course will be very helpful for me in high school with required reading. The technique that I will use most is the technical recall pattern and layering process. With speedreading I will be able to read required things faster and be able to read things I want to read."
- Clare W., Columbus Alternative HS

"I am reading much faster and I am comprehending better. This skill will help me through out my life."
- Ashleigh I., Otterbein College

"My honest opinion is it has been worth it. I think the technique that will help me the most is looking for the things in a text book. I believe that will save me a lot of time."
- Ben L., Worthington Kilbourne HS

"I think this is a very worthwhile class and I learned a great deal from it. I think it has helped me prepare myself for the extra reading in college. Thank you."
- Nick S., The Ohio State University

"I really enjoyed this speedreading class. Not only did I greatly improve my speed, I also had fun. The vertical technique was my favorite technique. Now, I will want to do a lot more reading , because it will be much easier."
- Graham R., Pickerington Ridgeview JH

"I really enjoyed this class. Speedreading is very helpful and I enjoyed seeing my speed increase as well as my comprehension. Thank you."
- Tarah K., Worthington Christian HS

"I feel that it was worth it to come all the way from Illinois to Columbus! This class was more than just a reading courseÖa self-discovery and esteem boosting course!"
- Alyse A.

"For me, learning how to read faster in general was most important. Speed reading allows me to have more free time and it allows me to go back to the book and pinpoint points I need more help with. Speed reading also letís me understand reading material better, because I can now efficiently budget my time."
- Mike B., Bexley HS

"I increased my ACT reading score by 6 points and I will probably get a scholarship."
- Kelly D.

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