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Advanced Reading Concepts

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Free Speed Reading Tip:  The Layering Process

The 3 Steps to: Speed, Comprehension, & Retention

Speedreading is the perfect high school graduation gift idea.When most people start to read a magazine, newspaper or book -- they just open it and start to read!

You can have better speed, comprehension, recall and retention if you "layer" in the information in the following three steps instead of trying to get it all at once.

  1. Overview: Decide What You Want & Find Out What It’s About
    • This is like the "trip tik" you get from AAA before you go on a journey. It gives you a plan for where are you going, how to get there and things to watch for on the way. It makes the trip easier if you know where you are going ahead of time.
    • Use the Table of Contents in a magazine to decide which articles you want to read and look at the headlines in the newspaper to choose what interests you.
    • Survey All The “Extras" -- side bars, headings and all of the things "you usually skip".
  2. Preview: This step is like a preview of a movie--you'll decide whether you want to see  read) the whole thing and you will be able to look for what you’ll need.
    • Get the Big Picture – The “Gestalt”
    • Go fast--straight down the page.
    • Look for Content Words.
    • Look For Questions To Answer.
  3. Read It: Accomplish Your Reading Purpose.
    • Spend only the time necessary to accomplish this purpose.
    • Look for answers to your questions from the Preview.
    • Read in phrases.
    • "Surf The Line".
    • Look For W.I.I.F.M.’s* & Use Them!
      (*That means: What's In It for Me.)

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